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Amazon knocks $150 off some Macs: Airs from $849.99, MacBook Pros from $1,049.99

Amazon on Thursday evening launched early Black Friday pricing on three of Apple’s most affordable Mac offerings: the 1.60GHz 11″ MacBook Air, 2.4GHz dual 13″ MacBook Pro, and 2.5GHz 21.5″ iMac.

In each case, the prices are the lowest seen yet on the particular models and are believed to be below wholesale cost. They’re also far steeper discounts than Apple will offer its customers through its own store early Friday morning.

In particular, the 1.60GHz 11″ MacBook Air 64GB drops from $999 to $849.99, the 2.4GHz dual 13″ MacBook Pro from $1,999.00 to $1,049.99 and the 2.5GHz 21.5″ iMac from $1,199.00 to $1,049.99.

A full breakdown of the latest Mac Prices can be seen below or in AppleInsider’s Mac Price Guide — lowest prices are in bold font. Those readers looking for additional savings can also check out the Previous Generation Mac Price Guide, Apple Wireless Devices Price Guide, or the new eBay-powered Apple New and Used Product Auctions.

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