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Microsoft introduced several methods for developing scripts on the server, Some of them quite simple (such as the Internet Database Connecter and the SQL Web Assistant), and other not as simple. There was a confusing time when companies did there best to simplicity the development and deployment of server-side scripts, but none of these methods were particular easy for Visual Basic developers or even for web authors.

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The situation changed drastically in 1996 with the introduction of Active Server Pages (ASP), an elegant solution to the problem of scripting. Active Server Pages allows for powerful web site creation by combining programmatic code with standard HTML. As a consequence, every HTML pages you have authored can be turned into Active Sever Pages by changing its extension from HTM to ASP. If you’ve never written a program before, you will successfully learn how to program using VBScript, the most commonly used Active Server Pages programming language.

ASP pages are scripts, or short snippets of code interpreted by the web server to perform particular task. Many scripting programming language can be used on your asp pages, such as VBScript and JScript. Thought this website we will use VBScript for our examples and theory. If you’ve ever programmed in Microsoft Visual Basic, then you’ll find the VBScript syntax nearby identical to the syntax used in visual basic. For those who are new to VBScript, don’t worry! Thought this website we will step through all the important aspects of VBScript.

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