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Brief about OO Analysis and Design? | UML Interview Question | UML Tutorial

Object Oriented analysis can be defined as investigation and to be more specific it is the investigation of objects. Design means collaboration of identified objects.

So it is important to understand the OO analysis and design concepts. Now the most important purpose of OO analysis is to identify objects of a system to be designed. This analysis is also done for an existing system. Now an efficient analysis is only possible when we are able to start thinking in a way where objects can be identified. After identifying the objects their relationships are identified and finally the design is produced.

So the purpose of OO analysis and design can described as:
  • Identifying the objects of a system.
  • Identify their relationships.
  • Make a design which can be converted to executables using OO languages.
There are three basic steps where the OO concepts are applied and implemented. The steps can be defined as
OO Analysis --> OO Design --> OO implementation using OO languages

Now the above three points can be described in details:
  • During object oriented analysis the most important purpose is to identify objects and describing them in a proper way. If these objects are identified efficiently then the next job of design is easy. The objects should be identified with responsibilities. Responsibilities are the functions performed by the object. Each and every object has some type of responsibilities to be performed. When these responsibilities are collaborated the purpose of the system is fulfilled.
  • The second phase is object oriented design. During this phase emphasis is given upon the requirements and their fulfilment. In this stage the objects are collaborated according to their intended association. After the association is complete the design is also complete.
  • The third phase is object oriented implementation. In this phase the design is implemented using object oriented languages like Java, C++ etc.
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