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‘C’ seems a strange name of a programming language. But this strange sounding language is one of the most popular languages today because it is a structured, high-level, machine independent language. It allows software developers to develop programs without worrying about the hardware platform where they implemented the root of the all modern languages is ALGOL, introduce early 1960s. ALGOL was the first computer language to use a block structures. Although it never become popular in USA, it was widely used Europe. ALGOL gave the concept of structured programming to the computer science community. Computer scientists like corrado bohm, Guiseppe jecopini and Edsger Dijkstra popularized this concept during 1960s. Subsequently, several were announced.

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The increasing popularity of C is probably due to its many desirable qualities. It is a robust language whose rich in set of built in functions and operators can be used to write any complex program. The C compiler combines the capabilities of any assembly language with the features of high-level language it is well suited for writing software and business packages. Program written in C are efficient and fast. This is due to its variety of data types and powerful operator. It is many times faster then BASIC. For example, a program to increment a variable from 0 to 15000 takes about one second C while it takes more than 50 second in an interpreter BASIC. There are only 32 keywords and its strength lies in its built in function. Several standard function are available which can be use for developing programs C highly portable. This means c programs written for one computer can be run on other with little or no modification. Portability is important if we plan to use a new a computer with different operating system.

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