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Explain Types of Data Used with ASP.NET Identity? | Expain about the Tables Generated for ASP.NET Identity | ASP.NET MVC Interview Question | ASP.NET MVC Programmer Guide

Below table provides details on types of data used with ASP.NET Identity:
Data Description
Users Registered users of your web site. Includes the user Id and user name. Might include a hashed password if users log in with credentials that are specific to your site (rather than using credentials from an external site like Facebook), and security stamp to indicate whether anything has changed in the user credentials. Might also include email address, phone number, whether two factor authentication is enabled, the current number of failed logins, and whether an account has been locked.
User Claims A set of statements (or claims) about the user that represent the user’s identity. Can enable greater expression of the user’s identity than can be achieved through roles.
User Logins Information about the external authentication provider (like Facebook) to use when logging in a user.
Roles Authorization groups for your site. Includes the role Id and role name (like “Admin” or “Employee”).
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