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How to Specifying that a Parameter is Optional in MVC Attribute Routing? | ASP.Net MVC Interview Question

  • You can do it by Specifying that a parameter is Optional (via the ‘?’ modifier).
  • This should be done after inline constraints.
  • Well,it’s like this  [Route(“Pet/{message:maxlength(4)?}”)]

        // eg: /Pet/good
        public ActionResult PetMessage(string message)
            return View();

Key points of the above code

  • In the above example, /Pet/good and /Pet will Route to the PetMessage Action.
  • The route /Pet also works hence of the Optional modifier.
  • But /Pet/good-bye will not route above Action , because of the maxlength(4) constraint.

Above Routes on Browser are as below

parameter is Optional

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