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Java Zone

Java is a general purpose, Object-Oriented programming language. We can developed two type of Java programs :

  • Stand-alone application
  • Web applets

Stand-alone application are program written in Java to carry out certain tasks on a stand-alone local computer. In fact, Java can be used to develop programs for all kinds of application. Executing a stand-alone Java program involves two steps:

  1. Compiling source code into byte code using javac compiler.
  2. Executing the byte code program using java interpreter.

Applets are small program developed for internet application. An applet located on a distant computer (Server) can be downloaded via Internet and can be executed on a local computer (Client) using a java capable browser. We can developed applets for doing everything from simple animated graphics to a complex Games and utilities. Since applets are embedded in a HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) documents are run inside a webpage, creating and running applets are more complex then creating an application.

Stand-alone programs can read and write files and perform certain operations that applets cannot do. An applets can only run within a web browser.

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