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Report: Jobs memorial planned at Stanford Sunday

Apple is holding a memorial service for Steve Jobs on Sunday at Stanford University.

Invitations have gone out to Silicon Valley luminaries and other people close to Jobs, The Wall Street Journal reported. Apple told the newspaper that the evening event is private.

Calls The Associated Press made to Stanford on Saturday seeking details of the event were not returned.

Apple has said no public services are planned.

Jobs, who co-founded Apple Inc. and was the mastermind behind popular gadgets such as the iPhone and the iPad, died Oct. 5 at age 56 after struggling for years with pancreatic cancer.

A small private funeral was held a week ago, the Journal reported. Apple also is planning an event Wednesday for employees at its headquarters in Cupertino, Calif. It’s billed as a celebration of his life.

Meanwhile, California Gov. Jerry Brown issued a proclamation Saturday declaring Sunday as Steve Jobs Day in California.

In issuing the proclamation, the governor wrote that the products that Jobs introduced “changed the way the entire world communicates.”

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