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What are the different kinds of controls in WPF?

WPF or windows presentation foundation is an open-source platform that is used to build an application that works on Windows operating software. It has its own controls which can be categorized into four categories. These are:

  1. Control

This is the basic control of WPF that you spend the most time working with. Examples of controls are buttons, textbox, and more. There are many groups of controls in this category.

• Content control: these controls are standalone controls. A good example is a button.
• Items control: this is a control that holds other controls.

  1. Shape

As the name indicates, this control helps you in forming shapes. These shapes are simple like squares, cubes, and rectangles.

  1. Panel

In this type of control, you will align and work with the position of the controls. Example of these controls:

• Grid: putting them in tabular form
• Stack panel: it works with sideways alignment.

  1. Content Presenter

This will allow you to work with XAML. This helps you navigate with dynamic controls.

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