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What’s New in Entity Framework 6.0 Release Candidate 1? | ProgrammerGuide.Net | Step by Step Guide

Below are some of the new features introduced in Entity Framework 6.0

  • Customizing Code First Conventions
  • Logging of database commands
  • Stored Procedure Mapping
  • Asynchronous Queries and Save support
  • Code based configuration support
  • EF Power Tools (not new to EF6)

Customizing Code First Conventions

Code First enables you to describe a model by using C# or Visual Basic .NET classes. The basic shape of the model is detected by using conventions. Conventions are sets of rules that are used to automatically configure a conceptual model based on class definitions when working with Code First. The conventions are defined in the System.Data.Entity.ModelConfiguration.Conventions namespace. The default Code First Conventions determine things like which property becomes the primary key of an entity, the name of the table an entity maps to, and what precision and scale a decimal column has by default.

Sometimes these default conventions are not ideal for your model, and you have to work around them by configuring many individual entities using Data Annotations or the Fluent API. Custom Code First Conventions let you define your own conventions that provide configuration defaults for your model.

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