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Windows Phone Marketplace finally gets a web version

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Theres nothing particularly wrong with Windows Phone Marketplace on a Windows Phone. But theres been no way to browse for apps on a desktop computer, or in a web browser. That changes today (at last!) with the launch of the web-based Windows Phone Marketplace today at

Its localised for whatever country youre in, so youll see prices in pound sterling. Microsoft has kept schtum on the details but weve been playing around with it  this morning. There are no real shocks: nice clean design, screenshots and reviews, though no indication of download numbers as provided on, or videos of apps.

Perhaps more of a surprise is that several high profile launch partner apps are already available for download: if youve got Windows Phone Mango (coming soon!), you can download WhatsApp and the Guardian news app, which offers each editorial section as its own live tile with scrolling headlines, right now.

Let us know how you get on in the comments.

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