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You Aren’t Gonna Need It – Yagni Design

YAGNI principle (“You Aren’t Gonna Need It”) is a method in software development that states certain features should be included when they seem to be fit.

YAGNI is a part of the extreme programming philosophy or XP. It takes away extra and unnecessary parts in software development. This in turn helps to increase the required inflation in the frequency release.

The whole notion of this principle helps developers avoid wasted effort on features that might not be necessary for the long run. Many times this problem occurs with the notion of its presence in the software. This is seen to be far from the truth as most times it turns out to be not necessary.

When developers grasp this idea, they will not spend strenuous time developing a feature that may not be necessary and can hinder or slow the development process.

There will be a sufficient amount of time saved by following this principle. This in turn will help you to focus on the main features and deliver a better and quality result.

This principle is somewhat similar to the Worse is a Better principle. If you would like to know other popular programming principles, read into the following:

• KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid)
• DRY (Don’t Repeat Yourself).

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